Seattle ATLAS Workbase

Coworking space is the new buzzword in the world of business. Seattle has accepted the coworking culture with open arms. You can find here flexible secure work environment for new entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, nonprofits, professional service providers and also remote workers. It has become a necessity for those people who have limited funds.

Staying competitive, operating efficiently, and attracting and retaining talented people is a challenge for businesses today.  Work environment has a great influence over these factors.  Inventive, open-minded solutions bring people, processes, space and technology together in a high- performing workplace that contributes to growth and success.” Read more

Enjoy the benefits of coworking space at Seattle

If you are a freelancer or small entrepreneur, you can choose your own space in a state of the art building as per your own needs. You have the freedom to expand or contract your workspace if the business changes. One of the right places to conduct business independently in a shared environment is the popular ATLAS Workbase. Unlike other coworking places, you have the freedom to opt for customized workspace as per your needs and budget.

An incredibly diverse community is what draws businesses to this Seattle office space, occupying three levels of a strikingly modern building in the neighborhood of South Lake Union.” Read more

So, if you are a part-time user, you can enjoy flexible rate packages and also you don’t need any long-term lease. Give your business a new pair of wings in a secure and shared world. We work hard, we have fun, and we take great pride in the evolution of Seattle ATLAS Workbase.

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