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Renting a dumpster might seem pretty easy, but you might get a little bit confused if you haven’t previously considered the size and the weight of the dumpster as well as the material or type of waste you want to dispose of. In this article, trash removal experts will help you place your order just right when renting a dumpster. Here are some things you should know before renting a container.

The Size and the Weight of the Dumpster

The size of dumpsters can vary. Typically, temporary dumpster rentals will come in four or five sizes that range from 10 cubic yard to 40 cubic yard containers. Usually, you can easily find 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard-dumpsters, but it may be rather hard to find 15 cubic yard containers. Dimensions of the containers may also vary. 10 yard dumpsters are approximately 12-14 ft long x 8 ft wide x 3-3.5 ft high while 40 yard dumpsters are about 22 ft long x 8 ft wide x 4 ft high.

It is important to know that every container has a weight limit, meaning the material or waste you plan to put in the dumpster will ultimately be weighed. If the weight limit for your dumpster goes beyond your rental agreement, you will have to pay an extra fee. Therefore, make sure you know the weight limit of your dumpster before making an order. The weight limit depends on the size of the container, and it can range from 2 to 12 tons.

Rental Period

Have you ever wondered how long do you get to keep your container? Most companies in DC and Maryland will allow you to keep the dumpster for five to seven days. If you are lucky, you may even find a local company that will allow you to rent the dumpster for two weeks. However, you have to be aware that this cost more. You can compare different dumpster prices Maryland here and find a local company that best suits your current needs. Usually, daily rate charge goes from $5 to $15 per day, after the initial rental period is crossed. If you are afraid of facing any add-on or additional fees, be smart and ask everything you are interested in before signing the rental agreement. Here are some questions that might help you:

  • Is there a delivery fee?
  • Is there a daily rental fee?
  • Is tax included?

Delivery fees are quite often, and they can range from $25 to $50, sometimes even more. Delivery fee is an add-on of the rate they quote you, so this is a very important question to ask. Some companies work only with daily fees, while others like to charge you additionally for the tax. Make sure you clear these things up before renting a dumpster.

Lastly, you are probably wondering is there something that can’t go in the dumpster. Depending on the company or city rules and regulations there will certainly be some things you can’t place in the dumpster. Items that are commonly prohibited are paint, oil, gasoline, any flammable liquids or toxic materials, car tires and so on. You should always ask your company if they have a prohibited items list. Use these guidelines to navigate yourself through the dumpster rental process and come out as a satisfied customer. If you are looking for more information and tips on renting a dumpster, please click here.


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